Plush apartments going to (drug) dogs

NZ Herald Article - 19th October 2013 on Body Corporate using drug dogs to deter any illegal activity in complex Read On...

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Preferred Contractors

Preferred Service People/Contractors

Finding service people such as plumbers, electricians, cleaners etc that are reliable and will complete the work required at competitive rates and at an acceptable standard, can sometimes be a challenge. We therefore rely on apartment owners to provide feedback when a service person does work in your apartment, to enable us to maintain a database of service people that other apartment owners can contact and use with confidence.

The following are a list of contractors that regularly do work at the Mirage where the feedback has been positive and prices are competitive. However, it is important that we ensure these people continue to deliver on service and offer competitive prices. We would therefore appreciate if you could provide both positive and negative feedback each time you request them to do work for you and email a brief note to:

Current List of Preferred Contractors:

Air Conditioning
Ring Building Manager

Apartment Cleaners
Donika Tripathi Property Support Services Ltd
022 043 1053 09 962 1098

Window Cleaners
Simon Kennedy
Ph: 027 669 2792

Appliance Servicing
Fisher & Paykel
Ph: 0800 372 273 *

Axial Appliances
0800 080 251

Carpet Cleaning
Brighter Carpets (Brett)
Ph: 0800 888 353
M: 027 468 1360

John Cleary - Electrical Express ( Domestic)
Ph: 0800 861 092

John Wright - ACME Electrical ( Commercial)
M: 0274 448 222

Gas Repairs
Peter Rogers Plumbing and Gas Ltd
027 272 7480 09 527 0000

General Maintenance
Mike Bartlett
(09) 5212516
Mob 021-638176

Glass Repairs
Matthew Rose
Winstone Glass
Ph: 09 276 9253

Property Managers
Ph: (09) 302 1458

Auckland Property Management
Tim Harrington
Ph: (09) 638 2574
M: (021) 722 143

James Vardu - Jayvee Plumbing
M: 021 636 844

Television Servicing & Tuning
Phil Leaning
Ph: 022 364 7900

Shower & Tile Repairs
Grout Pro - Rod MacKay
ph 021 02245857 or 0800 533787

* When calling F&P they will want very specific info such as postal code (=1010) and specific nature of